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We offer a wide variety of services including credit repair, income tax services, home and apartment locating, printing for marketing materials such as business cards, flyers, banners, magnets, yard signs, t-shirts, car wraps and more! Conveniently located in Carrollton, TX off 35 and Frankford Rd.

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AK Marketing Solutions mission is to help you achieve your business and personal goals! We offer a wide variety of services to cater to your every need.

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X-Fit Bootcamps Now Available!!

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Are you missing potential business because you don’t have a consistent, reliable, and effective call answering solution?  Are your customers frustrated because they can’t reach you when they need you?

Dynamic Virtual Office Management, Inc is the answering service solution that you’ve been looking for! Our dedicated teams of trained professionals will qualify leads, schedule appointments, process orders, explain products and services, relay messages, and more.

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AK Marketing Solutions is honored to work with the BEST realtors in DFW to find you the home of your dreams!

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Trade-Ins welcome and we can work with any credit. For additional info call 469-892-6251 or simply fill out our form to see if you pre-qualify.

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What are you drinking?


Do you know what's in your water?

We know that some chemicals were put into our water supply in the past for what seemed good reasons. It is getting increasingly evident that removing these pollutants is obviously the better choice for your health.

We certainly wouldn't recommend that the water company stopped using chlorine because killing the bacteria and viruses in the public water supply is very important for public health. However, you should remove chlorine from the water that you drink cook and bathe in. Chlorine free water is better for the human body.


Are you wasting money?

Americans drink vast quantities of bottled water. The bottle water industry continues to grow, in part because we have bought into the idea that it is somehow safer than tap water.

Many of us don’t realize drinking bottled water takes a toll on the environment and also has the potential to be harmful to our health. Despite what we are led to believe some bottled water is no safer or more pure than tap water.

In 2012 (the latest year we have statistics for) Americans spent $11.8 billion on bottled water. The problem is bottled water may be no safer than tap water.


Get your water tested for FREE!

Water is part of our daily lives. In most of our communities we use municipal water. We understand that municipal water treatment authorities do the best they can within the guidelines set forth by government regulation. However, if you take some time you can find thousands of articles that add up to one conclusion. If you want safer, purer, healthy water for your home for drinking and cooking, you will have to take responsibility and get it yourself. There’s no telling how many toxic and carcinogenic substances will be in our water tomorrow. Our solutions are for the concerns of today and tomorrow. Call today for your FREE water test! 469-892-6251

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